Lab Members

Andrew Brack, PhD
Principal Investigator

Originally from Liverpool, England, Andrew graduated with a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biophysics from King’s College London. He did two postdoctoral fellowships, the first with Simon Hughes at King’s College London and the second with Tom Rando at Stanford University. Andrew started his own lab at the Center for Regenerative Medicine, MGH, Harvard University in 2008. In 2015 he moved to UCSF to begin the next phase of his lab's journey.


Annarita Scaramozza, PhD
Research Fellow

Annarita is from Italy and received her PhD in Biomedical Sciences from University of Bologna where she studied human muscle progenitors from ALS patients. The final year of her PhD was conducted in the Brack lab. After graduation, Annarita joined the Brack lab as a postdoc working on muscle stem cell lineage progression and developing new interests on satellite cell heterogeneity.

Susan Eliazer, PhD
Research Fellow

Born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in India, Susan received her PhD in Genetics and Development at the University of Texas Southwestern in the lab of Michael Buszczak. There she studied the role of Lsd1 in the germline stem cell niche. Susan is currently studying the niche regulation of muscle stem cells.

Xuefeng Sunny Sun
Lab Technician

Sunny was born in China and raised in the bay area, Sunny received her MS with honors in cell molecular biology at San Francisco State University.  After working on Lowe Syndrome mice project , she is excited to join Brack lab as a technician.